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Semana Santa 101: a look at holy week in Guatemala

Semana Santa in Guatemala, also known as Holy Week, is an exciting mix of tradition and religion that is celebrated all over this Central American country. In "Semana Santa 101: A Look at Holy Week in Guatemala", you'll find information about the origins of Semana Santa in Guatemala, preparations for the festivities and how the hermandades (brotherhoods) are organized. You'll also read about the processions that Antigua Guatemala is famous for, the different religious rituals, both Christian and Mayan, as well as step-by-step recipes for traditional Semana Santa foods and easy-to-follow instructions to make your own crafts. "Semana Santa 101" is ideal for the casual reader about Guatemala to those wanting to find out more about their roots.

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christmas in guatemala 101

This Christmas in Guatemala 101 book is a comprehensive guide from an insider's point of view, sharing my experiences and those of friends and acquaintances as told to me. In addition, this book contains step-by-step Guatemala Christmas recipes, instructions on how to make Guatemalan Christmas ornaments, and fun Christmas activities for kids, as well.

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